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Freewater Pictures: Float Trolling for Northern Pike

Fishing one of Sweden's big lakes, the guys make the most of a couple of pike hits, and make a really cool short film to capture the day.

The fellows from Freewater Pictures make a heckuva fine short film - five minutes in length - of an otherwise slow day of pike fishing. Oskar Stenberg introduces us to an official 39 degree day from their camp on the shore of one of Sweden's larger lakes. 39 degrees. That's shorts and tee shirt, or just shorts, weather in Sweden! Looks like Wisconsin!

The hours drift by... Oskar leisurely smokes a cigarette... The water is calm...

Then, fish on!

It's a very nice pike. Maybe 10 pounds. Could have been 11 or 12. Maybe 13 or 14 pounds. Possibly 15 pounds. He released it without weighing it, so maybe it went 16 or 17 pounds. Nah, I'm only joking. That's a reference to their previous video about 'The One That Got Away". But it is a nice pike, nevertheless.

Then another, smaller pike hits and is brought to the boat. Yes, it's a slow day, but a good day. An evening campfire helps make everything alright.

Great job with the visuals, editing, and music, guys. A fine story this is. To be continued...

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Freewater Pictures: Float Trolling for Northern Pike