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Freeloading Bull Moose Just Needed a Snack

Watch a snowmobiler who found out Bull Moose likes snacks and that a good fence gate means everything.

This is what happens when a big bull moose that’s had a strenuous morning of moosing meets a kind snowmobiler that just happens to have, well, moose snacks.

Watch an extra large land animal take a treat from a guy in a snowmobile suit as gentle as a baby, and be glad that there’s good steel in that fence gate.

I’m fairly certain this is in Quebec, Canada where the snowmobiling is wonderful and the moose are hungry.

Okay, that’s a really beautiful bull! Maybe not the world record, but how many times do you get to see a great bull moose up as close as that? You can really get an idea of the sheer power they possess by the way that big boy was subtly stroking that gate with those large palmated antlers.

Those guys better keep showing up with the snacks or that moose is going to let himself out and find them.


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Freeloading Bull Moose Just Needed a Snack