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Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Fires 1,000 9mm Rounds Non-Stop [VIDEO]

Freedom Ordnance FM-9

Check out this video of the Freedom Ordnance FM-9 firing 1,000 rounds of belt fed 9mm non-stop.

If you have ever wanted to see 1000 rounds of belt fed 9mm ammo being fired on full-auto, then today is your lucky day.

The guys over at Freedom Ordnance made the video to show off the reliability of their new Freedom Ordnance FM-9 AR-15 upper receiver. Let’s just say that the video was a booming success. All 1,000 rounds went off without a hitch which is impressive to say the least.

The ammo used for the belt fed 9mm display was a mixture of PMC and Prvi Partizan. Although anyone who owns the Freedom Ordnance FM-9 probably wouldn’t ever fire 1,000 rounds continuously, it is still an amazing feat to not have one misfire with that volume of ammo.

The Freedom Ordnance FM-9 upper is now available for pre-order on the company website. It is currently listed at $1,895 and features a quick change barrel system, a billet machined quad rail, and more.

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Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Fires 1,000 9mm Rounds Non-Stop [VIDEO]