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Free Online Archery Challenge Offers Benefits to Bowhunters

Online Archery Competition

The Online Archery Challenge was designed to promote healthy, challenging, and competitive fun within the sport of archery and bow hunting.

Frank McDonough, an archery instructor for Penn State University and someone who just loves archery and bow hunting altogether, came up with a way to challenge bow hunters and archery enthusiasts during all times of the year and not just during the hunting season.

The Online Archery Challenge is a group designed to bring bow hunters together in a competition format. If you are a bow hunter or someone who enjoys just shooting archery, you can join today. There is no cost to joining and the benefits are endless. Free coaching, tips, support from other hunters and best of all, you receive monthly challenges to participate in and submit to try to bring your team to the top of the charts.

How do I join the OAC?

Online Archery Challenge

In order to join the OAC you must first register online with a video. In this video you must include three things:

  • Yourself, stating your name and where you are from
  • A legal, up to date, hunting license
  • The bow (brand) that you will be using during the challenges

During your video, the brand or company of the bow in which you choose to use, will dictate which team you will join within the online teams. For example, if you shoot a PSE, you would be placed on Team PSE. If you shoot a Mathews, you would be placed on Team Mathews.

Each team requires a minimum of eight members with a maximum of fifteen. So, if there is already a full, Team PSE, the next seven that register with their PSE bows, will be placed in an overfill team until an eighth PSE shooter joins. Once this occurs, for example, this team would become Team PSE #2 and the points that they accumulated while awaiting for eight total members, will carry over with them for their new team.

What are the challenges?

The below statement was taken directly from their Facebook page.

“Challenges: There will be skill challenges during the pre-season and random challenges through out the entire archery challenge that are worth bonus points. Hunting rigs only. 12″ or less stabs. All points must be validated by the animal and valid tag or license being placed in the picture together to show confirmation the animal was taken in 2016 and taken by you. I know it’s a PIA but we want to keep the integrity of the challenge as high as possible.”

When I spoke with Frank about the challenges and what each entailed, he replied with a simple statement.

“There is a lot more to bowhunting than just hunting. There are target challenges each month that keeps people on their toes. Each challenge carries with it a method and message within. Each works to increase their skills, keeps them active in the field, and gets them out there to do things like scouting in the off season. It really is a win-win situation for the member.”

Each challenge runs from the first of the month to the end of the month.

Sample Challenge

The challenge for March 2016 was a “Turkey Shot Challenge

The Outdoor Archery Challenge lists the competition as such:

outdoor archery challenge

So for this shoot, it is pretty self explanatory. The only thing you need is a plate, a way to prove the distance and constant camera view of both the shooter and target at all times. This helps keep honesty in the shoots and also helps keep it available online versus having to meet at a specific location with a judge.

Additional Bonus Points

Throughout the year you can add as many points to your individual score which will increase your teams score. Bonus points such as additional challenges like the Bonus Trail Cam Challenge which required you to take to the field your trail camera for a 48-hour period only. The photo of the trail camera was required to clearly show the date and time as well as a sign with the letters “OAC” standing for “Outdoor Archery Challenge.”

Outdoor Archery Challenge Trail Cam Bonus

Extra bonus points and kill points were allowed with photos with multiple animals within the photo. Some, like the photo here, were very unique in capturing a picture of himself actually holding the sign with a bear in the background.

Hunting Harvest Additional Kill Points

Aside from bonus challenges, there are additional points you can accumulate through the year during your hunting season. Each animal harvest can get you additional points and capturing it on video and even live video, can get you additional points as well.

Below shows some of the additional points you can gain for each animal harvested.

Online Archery Challenge

Joining the Online Archery Challenge group is very simple and is full of benefits. Keeping yourself sharp in your skills, learning many different tricks and tips on keeping your bow tuned in and improving your shooting capabilities are just a few benefits you will gain joining the group.

The best part, is it is free and fun. People from all over the world including Scotland have joined the group and it is becoming a great networking tool aside from the learning benefits as well.

If you are up for a challenge and want to join the Online Archery Challenge, be sure to check out their Facebook Page and Facebook Group, join and read the information in order to get you started.

Good luck and shoot straight.



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Free Online Archery Challenge Offers Benefits to Bowhunters