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Free Cookbook For Every Bear Shot In New Jersey

cookbook for every bear in new jersey
Wikimedia Commons

Shoot a bear this season in NJ? You get a free cookbook.

Due to the increase in bear/human encounters, New Jersey has offered up free cookbooks for every bear shot.

This cookbook offer was put in place in order to encourage people to hunt bears this season. The recipes include bear satay and grilled bear loin. They are hopeful that this offer will bring awareness to bear hunting opportunities and drive a larger harvest this year to put a damper on the bear population.

At Rutgers University last month, a student was found dead with a bear circling his body. It was apparent that the bear had attacked and it was becoming aggressive with police.

That 300-pound bear was shot and killed by police.

These kinds of encounters are unfortunate and New Jersey is hoping that this initiative will help reduce bear populations.

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Free Cookbook For Every Bear Shot In New Jersey