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Fred Eichler Kills a Coyote with a Benjamin Air Rifle [VIDEO]

Fred Eichler makes quick work of this Kansas coyote with a little help from his Benjamin Rogue air rifle.

Fred Eichler is the host of “Easton’s Bowhunting TV” and “Predator Nation,” both on the Sportsman Channel.

He is the first person to complete the Super Slam with a recurve bow, taking all 29 North American big game animals. He runs a successful outfitting business and is the father of three up-and-coming hunters.

In this clip from “Predator Nation,” Fred Eichler goes coyote hunting with a Benjamin air rifle and shows that the gun is definitely up to the task.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

The post shot excitement is classic Fred Eichler and may be the reason why his television shows are so popular.

Viewers can learn some lessons from Fred’s hunt. Remain at a calling site for 10-15 minutes longer than you think necessary. You never know if there is a wary coyote waiting just inside the cover.

Also, don’t be afraid to try an “out of the box” setup. Fred’s setup behind a large tire offered good concealment and the results speak for themselves.

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Fred Eichler Kills a Coyote with a Benjamin Air Rifle [VIDEO]