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Freak Logging Accident Kills 9-point Buck in Missouri

A logger felled a large oak tree, when a mature 9-pointer ran underneath and was killed by the falling tree! What are the odds?

This has to be a first.

It happened to Clinton Dotson, in Iron County, Missouri. Dotson has been harvesting timber for over 35 years without a logging accident, but he had never witnessed anything like this.

As Dotson finished the cut on a large white oak and the tree began to crash to the ground, the commotion startled a large buck bedded nearby. When the buck darted for safety, the tree caught him and killed him.

Watch the video to check out the aftermath, as they drag the deer out with a log skidder with the help of the Iron County deputy sheriff.


Dotson posted the video to his Facebook page earlier this month.

I guess when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

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Freak Logging Accident Kills 9-point Buck in Missouri