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Frat Boys Paint Graffiti on a Whale Beached in NJ [VIDEO]

Who would think to paint graffiti on a whale?

This act of shame committed in Atlantic City, New Jersey a short while back, when a beached minke whale was desecrated with spray paint.

This video from the Press of Atlantic City shows some of the scenes. A dolphin was found beached nearby, but with no graffiti.

Warning: The imagery is graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

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It’s sad to think about the mind that would have considered that funny. Beached whales are of pretty big concern, and there’s no need to make the matter worse by bringing attention to your own stupidity.

Atlantic City Police mentioned the purple tag on the whale’s body appeared to be the letters of Tau Epsilon Phi, a fraternity that has chapters at three universities in the surrounding area.

All the same, some locals and boardwalk business owners were less concerned about the graffiti as they were about the fact that the whale was buried nearby, and fear of stench throughout the summer loomed. 

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Frat Boys Paint Graffiti on a Whale Beached in NJ [VIDEO]