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Frankenrifle! The Ultimate 10-22 Halloween-Worthy Rifle [VIDEO]


It may or may not have been created in a laboratory by a mad scientist, but the Frankenrifle is scary cool.

Our old friend Dave Nash, aka 22Plinkster, may not be a mad scientist like Dr. Frankenstein, but he is something of a scientist on the shooting range.

In earlier videos, he showed us the Frankenpistol he built, and was so pleased with its performance that he was determined to build a companion Frankenrifle. Bride of Frankenpistol?

Here it is, and it's a beauty.

Combine one of the best trick shot marksmen on the scene today with a boss rifle he customized for himself, and you've got some impressive shooting accuracy on display.

22Plinkster puts four rounds into a neat 1/2 to 3/4 inch group at 100 yards. The fifth shot veered just a tad outside the group but Nash admitted that that shot "was all me. I got a little antsy on the trigger."

Here's the breakdown for the Frankenrifle:

He's using a Tactical Solutions barrel, bolt and receiver. The barrel is an X-Ring fluted Ruger 10-22, which is also threaded to take a suppressor if desired.

Nash installed a Volquartsen 10-22 trigger pack, pulling at around 2.5 pounds. "It breaks very clean," he says. "The reset is very short. And I like it a whole lot on this set-up."

The stock is a Hogue tactical thumbhole stock "This stock is pretty inexpensive, but you get a lot of stock for the money," says Nash. He likes the over-molded rubber exterior. "No matter where you grab this rifle you're going to get a good purchase on it."

The rifle is mounted with a beastly Bushnell 6500 Elite Series scope. It's 4.5 x 30 power, and allows Nash to "reach out and touch something".

22Plinkster is shooting Federal Gold Medal UltraMatch rimfire rounds. It's a 40 gr. round travelling at 1080 fps, and is the ammo that was used by the USA Olympic Team to bring home gold and silver medals in the 1992 Barcelona summer games.

Finally, to make the Frankenrifle even more Halloween worthy, just look at the color. A brilliant glossy pumpkin orange barrel atop a matte black stock.

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Frankenrifle! The Ultimate 10-22 Halloween-Worthy Rifle [VIDEO]