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FPSRussia Blows Up Car with Machine Gun Drone [VIDEO]


FPSRussia has a machine gun drone and uses it to get rid of an old car…explosively.

FPSRussia is well-known on YouTube for making some of the most entertaining weapons videos online. He is definitely the envy of many a shooting enthusiast. He manages to get his hands on some pretty incredible weaponry. The machine gun quadcopter in this video is one intimidating weapon system.

It is easy to see just how effective of a tool that this quadcopter would be in the theater of war. It would allow soldiers to carry out more missions away from the line of fire and help keep them safe. It would also impose fear into the hearts of the enemy.

FPSRussia puts the quadcopter through its paces and shows off just how devastating it can be in different situations. The quadcopter is even equipped with a self-destruct feature straight out of a James Bond movie.


Drones and quadcopters are growing in popularity for both recreational and military use. After watching this video, it is easy to see why!

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FPSRussia Blows Up Car with Machine Gun Drone [VIDEO]