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Fox Video Gets Up-Close

Watch this must-see fox video filmed on a Russian lake.

How's that for making a new fishing buddy? These two frozen anglers were fishing in the Saratov region of Russia, when a curious fox approached, circled and eagerly accepted a bite to eat.

Not known for a fondness of human interaction, the fox is more likely to elude cameras and eyesight, especially to this extent. The fishermen can consider themselves lucky, which we believe is what the guy is saying in the video. Sorry, we don't speak Russian.

Not long ago another fox video surfaced, this time of another hungry fox attempting to drag in a large catfish. Apparently a need for food can drive a fox away from their instinctual avoidance of humans. Maybe the cold of winter combines with the need to pile in the calories that allows a fox to act like this.

Check out this video of a turkey challenging a UPS driver.

We will eagerly await the next fox video, because we just can't get enough of those little guys.

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Fox Video Gets Up-Close