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Fox Cub Rescue Saved from Drowning in Storm Drain [VIDEO]

Watch a British fox cub rescue from a nasty storm drain. 

This is quite a rescue operation, when two adorable, lost fox cubs are found in a storm drainage.

“The first job on any rescue is to pull your trousers up and make your belt tight, otherwise it could be an embarrassing rescue.”

Drowning in a storm drain would be a pretty nasty way for these cute little cubs to go.

They are still vicious little things though. Did you see how one of them was spitting and biting when the rescuer was trying to corral them into the carrier?

Unfortunately, this is just a rescue and not a rescue/release because the mother was nowhere to be found.

Those precious little fox faces are now at the Wildlife Aid centre orphan shed with the other foxes. 5-star accommodations, apparently.

Because British fox cubs only get the fanciest treatment.

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Fox Cub Rescue Saved from Drowning in Storm Drain [VIDEO]