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Fox Cub Rescue from a Chain-Link Fence [VIDEO]

Trouble-making wildlife run rampant in British backyards!

There's something so soothing about a British accent. This fox cub rescue is relaxed and anxiety-free probably only due to Simon's British accent.

Simon is the main rescuer for Britain's "Wildlife Aid."

This rescue happened on Simon's birthday, his day off. But he loves what he does.

 Simon gets a call about a family of foxes living under a patio in a woman's backyard. The woman who called is apparently terrified of wild animals. She is from Singapore and not used to all this wildlife in Britain's backyards!

Simon assures her to not be frightened; "They're tiny! I've got a bigger bite than this fox cub, I'll tell you."

The little kit has its head stuck right through the chain-link fence in the backyard. After reprimanding the "silly" fox, Simon cuts the wire fence and pulls out the stuck, and snarling, little kit.

It runs back under the deck, much to the homeowner's dismay, to its mum and dad.

It was a successful rescue and release!

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Fox Cub Rescue from a Chain-Link Fence [VIDEO]