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Fourth Case of CWD Confirmed in Texas

Another case of CWD confirmed in Texas is beginning to look like a trend. 

In Medina county, another case of chronic wasting disease confirmed in Texas has wildlife officials a little nervous. Most around the country know the dire consequences that CWD can have on deer populations, and in a deer state as famous as Texas, this could be a big problem.

So far, all four cases of CWD have come from the same high fence ranch. With this current case, more captive and harvested deer are going through testing to make sure that this outbreak is in fact isolated, and not on the move.

Due to the severity of this case, breeders have been banned from shipping deer inside the state of Texas since July. However, that may not be enough. More regulations are due out on August 24 that will specifically create more requirements of testing before deer can be moved from breeder to ranch.

According to the ranch owner, Robert Patterson, as of July 29, 2015, he has lost 37 total deer. Out of those 37, just four were confirmed to have CWD.

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Fourth Case of CWD Confirmed in Texas