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Four Wolves Battle One Grizzly Bear for Food [VIDEO]

Can this one grizzly bear fight off four hungry wolves for its chance to eat a meal?

The wolf and the grizzly bear have lived side-by-side for centuries, but they still don’t always get along.

Check out this stunning footage of a lonely grizzly bear who attempts to fight off four wolves to get a mouthful of meat.

That grizzly bear refused to take no for an answer! Despite four sets of snapping wolf teeth, this grizzly bear proved his strength and had itself some of that meat.

This video illustrates the hunting styles of wolves and grizzly bears, because wolves typically hunt in packs and grizzly bears prefer a solitary excursion for food.

The next time you feel the odds are not in your favor, remember what you saw in this video and be like that grizzly bear — never give up.

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Four Wolves Battle One Grizzly Bear for Food [VIDEO]