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Four Trails Near Freeport to Be Linked with Pittsburgh Grant

The Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy is about to witness a long overdue linkage of trails giving outdoor enthusiasts more miles to explore near Freeport.

A $200,000 state grant will link four hiking and biking trails near Freeport, 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

According to reports, the grant will be given to the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy, which will be used to extend the Rachel Carson Trail that exists in Allegheny County, located north of Freeport Bridge.

Named after the noted environmentalist, the trail currently ends two miles of Freeport in Harrison Hills Park; however, the use of the grant, provided by the Commonwealth Financing Authority, will go toward purchasing 20 acres of woodland for the trail extension from Allegheny River to Freeport.

Landscape artist and president of the conservancy for 17 years, Todd Chambers from Mars, told the paper that the extended trails are a big asset to the region.

They will attract people here, or be an amenity that adds to the beautiful landscape here. We have some geographically interesting areas, and many of these trails follow our rivers and streams.

The four trails that will be connected are the 34-mile Rachel Carson Trail, the Butler-Freeport Community Trail, the 2.5-mile hiking and biking Tredway Trail, and the 132-mile Baker Trail for those hikers who want to undertake a serious long-distance adventure.

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Four Trails Near Freeport to Be Linked with Pittsburgh Grant