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Four Man SWAT Team to Help NY Town Cull Deer

In North Tonawanda, NY, the police SWAT team helps cull the deer.

This coming fall, the city will once again call on a four-man SWAT team to reduce the city’s urban deer population.

The Niagara Gazette reports the city began using the SWAT team to cull the city’s deer back in 2004 and continued the program until 2008.  In the program’s four year span, the SWAT team killed 231 deer.

Now, the local urban deer population is back in full force, and many local residents are asking the city to bring the team back into action. City Council is receiving a number of complaints from residents about local deer damaging property and causing vehicle accidents.

The council proposed an alternative sterilization program, which another New York town is using to control their deer population, but found that it was too expensive, and opted for bait-and-shoot program.

“We’re not starting anything radical,” said Third Ward Alderman Eric Zadzilka. “We’re resuming what we did in the past. We were hearing a lot more complaints from residents in the last two years about property damage. That’s what precipitated bringing this back.”

The four-member SWAT team will hunt deer from October through March. North Tonawanda mayor Rob Ortt said the deer meat harvested from the program will be donated to the Food Bank of Western New York.

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Four Man SWAT Team to Help NY Town Cull Deer