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4 Firearm Safety Rules: Gunny Approved and Widely Practiced

These four firearm safety rules will always keep you safe as long as you follow them, always.

Accidents happen to good people. Firearms owners all over the U.S. have had accidents. Some minor and unfortunately some that cannot be repaired. Handling firearms is serious business and we should always welcome a refresher. Who better in this case than the Gunny himself.

If you were in the Marines, you can recite these in the back of your head while asleep. It's engrained in the very beginning of training and preached throughout your career and even after while handling weapons.

For those that have not served, Gunny teaches how to properly and safely use a firearm so that people wont make the mistakes that have happened in the passed. Keeping things as simple as possible is the best way to train men and women on the use of firearms so that there is no confusion.

Once the safety measures are clear and understood the training can begin. These rules apply not only when holding the weapon but can also apply when holstering, loading, unloading, and practicing with the weapons we own. Never be afraid to ask a question especially if you're not familiar with a rifle's cycle of operation or how to safely place a weapon down. Stay safe and keep training.


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4 Firearm Safety Rules: Gunny Approved and Widely Practiced