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Four-Day Tracking Job Pays Off With This Big Missouri Buck [PICS]

Think you’ve had some long tracking jobs? This guy looked for four days before recovering his big Missouri buck.

On Sunday November 1, Andrew Farabee was hunting deer in Webster County, Missouri when a big eight-point came in from behind.

Farabee drew his bow and fired, only to realize every hunter’s worst nightmare. His arrow deflected off an unseen branch causing a poor hit on the big buck.

Knowing that he had hit the buck, Farabee vowed to make every effort possible to recover the animal.

“After the shot, I waited a bit before coming down from my tree stand. I followed the blood trail and looked for three or four hours but couldn’t find him,” Farabee said. He returned later in the day to search the area again, with no luck.

On Monday November 2, Farabee and a partner returned to the scene. The blood trail had dried up, making tracking impossible so the pair grid searched the area, but found no sign of the wounded deer. Farabee remained un-phased and continued his search for the deer.

On Wednesday November 4, he caught a break. Eli Cunningham was out paddling a kayak and taking photographs on Lake Springfield when he spotted the buck on shore. Cunningham said, “I crept up to the deer in my kayak and saw its tail wagging a lot. When it got up it was really limping, and that’s when I saw it had an arrow stuck in its hip.”

Cunningham went on to say, “Honestly, I felt really bad for this deer, but I didn’t know what to do about it.” When he returned to shore he reported the deer to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Eventually, word got back to Farabee that his deer had been spotted. He was able to gain permission to access the property. He continued his search based on the new tip from Cunningham and found the deer bedded down.

The four-day tracking ordeal ended with a second, well-placed arrow from Farabee.

Photo via Andrew Farabee
Photo via Andrew Farabee

Farabee said, “We definitely worked our butts off to find the deer.  I hunt for a living and film a hunting show. I want people to know I’m very ethical when it comes to hunting. I had some sleepless nights until we found him.”

Unfortunately, the meat was unsalvageable due to an infection that had spread from the first arrow, but Farabee’s persistence and a little luck ended this deer’s suffering and made sure that his death was not a total waste.


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Four-Day Tracking Job Pays Off With This Big Missouri Buck [PICS]