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The Founders Intended for Americans to Defend Themselves and Their Neighborhoods


Citizens working together to defend their neighborhoods and communities is just what the Founders intended. That's also why we have a Second Amendment.

Thank God we have a Second Amendment that safeguards and guarantees our right to defend ourselves and our neighborhoods. Citizens working together to use their God-given rights is exactly what the Founders intended.

So says Dom Raso, Navy Seal and strong vocal advocate for the Second Amendment and the exercise of our Constitutional rights.

Raso has been beating the drum for an armed citizenry, capable and ready to respond to the threat of Islamic terrorism or mass shooters. Here he also calls for an increase in neighborhood involvement.

Raso's been accused of fearmongering for heralding this message, but is preparedness really fearmongering, or is it a sensible response to an increasingly dangerous world?

You've got to understand where he's coming from. This is a man who spent 12 years up close and personal with the very terrorists who have infiltrated our homeland. Raso chased them, fought them, studied them, learned just how fanatical and dedicated these people are. His calls to action and preparedness are not fearmongering. They are common sense.

Sure, your chances of becoming a victim of a terrorist or mass shooter attack are slim. But that's also what the people in every attack that's occurred in the last decade or two have thought as well.

Nobody thinks they're going to get into a car crash when they get in their automobile. Yet, we automatically put on our seatbelts. No one thinks that their house is going to burn down. Yet, we automatically install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors throughout our homes.

Raso suggests getting a neighborhood watch program together. Get yourself and your neighbors armed, train together, and coordinate your efforts with the local police. Be prepared. At the very least, you will create a friendlier, more cohesive and mutually supportive neighborhood.

At most, you'll be ready for the unthinkable should it happen.

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The Founders Intended for Americans to Defend Themselves and Their Neighborhoods