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Former World Record Bull Elk Sells at Auction for $121,000

world record bull

This world record bull elk just sold for HOW much?

It’s a question that comes up every so often when it comes to world record-class animals: just what are they worth? In the case of a former world record bull elk, the answer is a staggering $121,000!

That’s how much the Plute Bull, a 442 3/8 inch monster, taken all the way back in 1899 in Dark Canyon, Colorado, by John Plute, sold for.

“At the end of the auction, the buyer and I nervously sat there and watched the seconds tick away,” said auctioneer Gary Hubbell in a press release. “Finally, the screen timed out and the auction was over. I congratulated the buyer. He’s a local guy who has done well in life, a passionate elk hunter like myself, who found the Plute Bull to be a fascinating piece of Colorado history.”

You can see more on the history of the bull in a video the auctioneers made below.

Plute was a coal miner who lived above a bar in Crested Butte and was an avid hunter. After Plute died in an accident in 1922, and the antlers ended up in the possession of the bar’s owner, John Rozick, who kept the antlers hanging on the wall for years. Plute himself had actually used the bull’s meat as a rent payment.

Unfortunately, Plute never knew just how big his trophy bull was. It wasn’t until 1955 that Rozick’s stepson, Ed Rozman, finally decided to have the antlers measured. It stood as a world record for 30 years before narrowly being edged out, by a quarter of an inch, by a bull from Arizona.

But the bull does still hold the No. 2 spot in the Boone & Crockett record books. That’s definitely an impressive place to be more than 100 years after its harvest.

The bull has been in Crested Butte all this time, and luckily for the town and its residents, the new owner is planning to keep the piece of Colorado history there for everyone to see.


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Former World Record Bull Elk Sells at Auction for $121,000