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Former UFC Champ and Avid Hunter, Tim Sylvia, Hangs Up His Gloves

Five Ounces of Pain

Tim "The Maniac" Sylvia calls it quits in the ring.

After recent battles with his health, Tim Sylvia has thrown in the towel in the ring.

Well-known for his fighting skills and UFC heavyweight title, Tim is also a hunter. If you frequent The Outdoor Channel then you've most likely seen him on TV bagging a few big bucks.

Let's just hope that less time in the ring means more time in the outdoors.

Sylvia was set to fight Juliano Coutinho at a Reality Fighting event recently. After weighing in at 371 pounds, and upon seeing the results of Sylvia's medical evaluation, the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation thought it would be in his best interest to be further evaluated. They did not clear Sylvia for the fight.

Instead of ongoing tests and more evaluations, which his manager Monte Cox insisted upon, Tim Sylvia decided the final bell had rung.

Sylvia said it was the end of his career due to an issue with his MRI. The UFC commission decided that Sylvia's body had been "through enough punishment over the course of his career."

He may not be remembered much these days, but if you were a UFC fan in the early-to-mid 2000s, you know exactly who Tim Sylvia is, and you probably miss seeing The Maniac in action. He entertained us all in the ring as a seemingly average guy who we could relate to, with an exceptional ability to knock you out.

We will miss you in the ring, Tim. Get that body some rest so you can get back to chasing those whitetails!

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Former UFC Champ and Avid Hunter, Tim Sylvia, Hangs Up His Gloves