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Former ROTC Woman Scares off Armed Robbers with Air Rifle [VIDEO]

woman scares away armed robbers with rifle

A pair of armed robbers ran into the wrong woman in Clovis, California–she was a former ROTC sharpshooter!

The suspects had just robbed an elderly couple when they ran through the yard of Marilyn Williams in Clovis, California.

Williams readied her rifle and scared the thieves into dropping their loot and running when she yelled, “I’m going to shoot you!”

The criminals dropped a pillowcase of jewelry as well as a gun when faced with trained, armed resistance. This is a true success story.

Interestingly, the rifle Williams used was a Crosman Marauder, which is an air rifle. Not the first choice for home defense, but certainly effective in this case.

The gun shoots up to 1,100 fps with a lightweight .177-caliber pellet but only produces around 30 foot-pounds of energy; roughly one-third the energy of a 22 LR. Still, nobody would want to be shot with a pellet rifle!

This case illustrates what many experts have always said: having any gun is better than having no gun at all.

Another noteworthy tidbit is that Williams made an ill-advised move when exiting her home with her rifle. Suppose police had been pursuing the suspects and they were the ones coming through her yard at the time she leveled the gun? Thankfully, that was not the case.

All’s well that ends well, and these armed robbers, though still on the loose, did not make off with their bounty thanks to Williams’ courageous act.

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Former ROTC Woman Scares off Armed Robbers with Air Rifle [VIDEO]