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Former New England Patriot Goes on Special Hunt [VIDEO]


Former NFL player Matt Light takes special needs children hunting.

Matt Light, the former New England Patriot lineman, is an avid hunter, shooter, and camper. He believes children can learn great values from spending time in the outdoors. He recently put on a charity event through the Light Foundation to take special needs children hunting.

He took Noah to Alabama to camp and hunt whitetail deer. They scored a nice buck and gave Noah an amazing memory to share for years to come.

Light says 

He’s able to be a kid. He’s around other kids like him that he can relate to and share stories with. It’s all about those campfire moments.

Matt started the Light Foundation in 2001 with his wife to help at-risk children. After purchasing 400 acres in Ohio he transformed it into a summer camp where a handful of kids are mentored year round to help them stay on track to a better life. Matt often teams up with other charities to put on special events, such as this one.

Matt said, All of the lessons I’ve learned in the outdoors have really proven well for me, and I want to pass them along to kids like Noah.”

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Former New England Patriot Goes on Special Hunt [VIDEO]