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Former Cop Suing Gun Shop Over Shooting Accident [VIDEO]

Former police officer Darrell Smith went to a gun shop in Glasgow, Kentucky to look at pistols. He left missing part of a finger. 

As reported by WBKO, a former Glasgow police officer was looking at a pistol handed to him by a worker at a gun shop named Barren Outdoors when the gun fired and cost the officer his finger.

Darrell Smith was handed a .380 caliber pistol from under the counter without the worker checking to see if it was loaded. Officer Smith did not check to see if the gun was loaded either.

WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is strongly recommended.

The lost finger also cost Smith his job as an officer.

A lawsuit has been filed by former officer Darrell Smith for negligence for Mr. Smith losing his job and for damages.

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Former Cop Suing Gun Shop Over Shooting Accident [VIDEO]