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Forget Reindeer: 8 Unusual Animals Helping Santa Deliver Presents [PICS]

Baltimore Sun

Santa Claus doesn’t always travel by sleigh and reindeer. Here are 8 unusual animals helping Santa get around. 

After all, Santa delivers presents around the world, and sometimes other creatures are more suited for carting jolly ol’ St. Nick around foreign lands. Take a look below at some of the other exotic animals who’ve had the honor of bearing the big man on his international holiday run.


You don’t want him landing on your roof, but he there’s plenty of trunk space for the presents.

The Albino Phant Blog



Reindeer are great, but you have to keep stopping for water. No more with this much more fuel-efficient model.

The National
The National



For quick deliveries, Santa can’t ask for much better than the ostrich. And if you don’t have a chimney, this bird can just kick your door down.




Maybe Santa’s gone crazy, but if you have to get presents to the middle of the ocean, there’s no better bodyguard than the meanest fish out there.

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Rudolph may be able to see for a while in fog, but using dolphins equips you with echolocation. How’s that for a high-tech upgrade?

Santa and dolphins


Any cowboy can confirm that sometimes traditional transport won’t do – you just have to saddle up.

Flickr/Laura Cotterman



He’s back to the sled but traded in for a more lovable team to pull him around. You can’t play fetch with a reindeer at the end of the day.

Hill Post
Hill Post



Texans should love this one. This is the SUV of the animal transport world, and it even comes with handlebars.

Victoria Advocate
Victoria Advocate

Look out for Santa this Christmas. He could be using any number of animals to get him around.

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Forget Reindeer: 8 Unusual Animals Helping Santa Deliver Presents [PICS]