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Forget Dog-Eat-Dog, It’s a Pike-Eat-Pike World out There


Pike are known to be aggressive fish, but after watching this video it’s clear that under the water is a pike-eat-pike world.

Brought to you by Thrill On Fishing, this clip illustrates that it’s a dog-eat-dog world no more. It’s a pike-eat-pike world now.

Check out this clip and see what a pike-eat-pike world might look like.

A pike-eat-pike world might not be so bad, considering you can catch two fish for the price of one.

As the old saying goes, sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and the hungry pike in this video could have benefitted from knowing that saying before trying to eat another pike as big as he was. Clearly his appetite was bigger than his stomach.

Now that you’ve seen it for yourself, get out there and start ditching the dog-eat-dog phrase for the pike-eat-pike one, this one’s going to catch on!



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Forget Dog-Eat-Dog, It’s a Pike-Eat-Pike World out There