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Forecast the Weather Yourself with a Little Folklore [PICS]

In the world of the outdoorsman, there is one constant…the weather.

While the form weather takes on may change from day to day or even hour to hour, weather conditions should always be taken into consideration when planning and executing an expedition.

Numerous weather apps for smart phones, iPads, and tablets have been developed to give the outdoorsman a better chance of being prepared for what may occur. These apps include everything including barometric pressure, temperature, precipitation chance as well as humidity and wind speed to name a few.

Some apps and programs even delve into moon phases as they can affect wildlife behavior, and therefore hunting and fishing.

However, you can never depend completely on technology and leave out the old standby of simply looking at the sky. Clouds can tell us a lot about the coming weather trends. Many times people push off some of the old folklore as old wives tales when they should pay attention to the.

Most of the folklore that pertains to weather has scientific reasons, but is generally easier to remember. Here’s a primer:

The Color of the sky

Fiery orange sunset sky. Beautiful sky.

Red skies at sunset tell of fine weather in the near future, while red skies at sunrise warns of foul weather.

A bright yellow sky at sunset tells of wind and a pale yellow tells of wet weather impending.


Soft and delicate-looking clouds foretell pleasant weather with light breezes. However, dark, inky looking clouds are a warning of harsh, wet weather with more boastful winds.

You can also tell by the wispy clouds that a change in the weather is on the way, and the height of the clouds will tell how long you have to wait on that change.

The sky is blue rayed sun through the clouds early summer morning

Watch the animals

When birds and bats fly low to the ground, the barometric pressure is low and bad weather is soon to come.

Also, animals that normally have a fair-sized range will stay close to their dens and homes when bad weather is in the way.


Many pages could be written about changes in weather and how the observant outdoorsman can predict the coming weather. One resource for this, though perhaps unexpected, is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Check out their website for more information on weather patterns and how to predict the weather for your area by being a good observer of nature.

Before you set off on your next adventure, tune in to the local weather forecast or just look outside and do your own forecast. Testing your forecast against the weatherman is always fun.

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Forecast the Weather Yourself with a Little Folklore [PICS]