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Ford’s New Smart Headlights Can Help Avoid People and Deer on the Road [VIDEO]


Ford’s new smart headlights prototype help detect people and animals while driving at night. 

Ford has been coming up with a lot of new and innovative technology in recent years. The latest idea, called “Spot Lighting,” integrates infrared cameras into its headlight systems to help drivers detect obstacles at night and give an advanced warning for the driver to react.

The cameras are mounted in the grill to detect body heat signatures up to 130 yards in front of the vehicle. The headlights then direct their light towards the object, such as deer, and then pop a warning light on the dashboard screen.

The screen will then highlight the object in red or yellow depending on the risk of hitting it while moving in your current direction.

While the project is still in its infancy stages at Ford’s German research lab, they already have a working prototype. I must say it’s pretty cool.

Ford already has numerous Driver Assist Technologies in most of its newer vehicles. Their adaptive lighting, traffic sign recognition cameras, lane assist, and others are already helping numerous drivers on the road now.

Something like this would be really nice to have on a vehicle when driving at night, especially on windy back roads where deer and other animals are likely to jump out in front of you. Just by giving a little bit of a warning before you are able to see what’s in the road could save you a lot of grief and damage to your vehicle.

I can’t wait to see where they take this and when they will actually have this available on future models.

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Ford’s New Smart Headlights Can Help Avoid People and Deer on the Road [VIDEO]