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This Footage Will Get You Fired up for Pike Fishing [VIDEO]

Watch pike make ruthless strikes soft lures in this incredible pike fishing footage.

If you’ve ever been pike fishing, you know that pike are an aggressive species when it comes to feeding. They hit fast and hard, and sometimes they’ll go after their own.

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Pike’s tendency toward cannibalism isn’t the worst of it. These aggressive fish will eat just about anything that looks edible. A few months ago, we shared a couple videos that show pike using their lightning-fast speed to ambush baby ducklings.

But underneath the water is where pike really shine.

This remarkable up-close footage shows how ferocious pike can be when they go after swimbait. The pike in this video are striking a Cannibal Shad, a soft swimbait from SavageGear. It’s a soft lure that looks like it’s has a smaller fish in its belly.

Watch these mean monsters go after ’em.

That should get you pumped for some pike fishing!

What’s your favorite lure for pike fishing?

Featured image via YouTube/SavageGear

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This Footage Will Get You Fired up for Pike Fishing [VIDEO]