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Footage of Taylor Drury’s First Buck Will Take You Back in Time

A hunter’s first deer is one of the most special moments, join Taylor Drury’s first ever deer harvest. 

Anyone who has shot a deer, knows the unmatched adrenaline rush of pulling the trigger on their first deer. Get ready to go back in time, to join Taylor Drury with her first ever deer harvest while hunting her uncle Terry’s property.

Watch this special moment unfold before your eyes.

After getting dialed in, by shooting pumpkins at various distances, Taylor Drury headed to the blind with her mom and dad. Shortly after getting settled in the blind, a great Missouri whitetail headed to their field where Taylor Drury squeezed her first buck of many.

This video is a strong reminder to take young hunters hunting and share the passion and excitement for deer hunting.

As the video shows, Mark Drury was just as excited for the memorable hunt as Taylor and Tracy.

What an exciting video, it brings me back to the very first deer I shot. This next fall, try to take a youth hunter hunting and introduce them to the great outdoors.



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Footage of Taylor Drury’s First Buck Will Take You Back in Time