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Foolish Guy Almost Loses a Hand Trying to Feed the Bears

The number one rule for every human to remember is to never, ever feed bears.

These foolish motorists think these wild bears are quite a joke.

Watch this video and see one motorist almost loose a hand feeding wild bears.

Wild bears are super sized killing machines. Never let their slow lumbering stuffed animal appearances fool you. They can lash out with great speed and ferocity in a blink of an eye.

These less-than-brilliant motorists think it would be a great idea to feed two large bears. These begging bears get quite a meal. One almost gets the driver’s hand with a quick snap as the foolish man puts his hand right by the bear’s mouth.

Natural selection will take care of removing these motorists from the food chain if they continue to feed the bears. Never, ever feed bears, seriously. A fed bear is a dead bear since they will attribute people with food and cause them to start seeking it out on their own.



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Foolish Guy Almost Loses a Hand Trying to Feed the Bears