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Food Plot Tips and Gear for the Ultimate Deer Buffet

This time of year is the perfect chance to improve food plots and zero in on the gear you need.


With deer season on the verge of busting open for the entire country, some late season food plot tips will go a long way towards this seasons success and that of years to come.

There are certain seeds you’ll want to plant this time of year, and certain ones you’ll want to hold off on until spring. Keep in mind that deer love the fresh buds and greens of young food plot crops, so there’s always a worthwhile investment in fall food plots right on the cusp of the season.

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We’ve shared some supplies and crop suggestions, as well as some general tips for fall food plots, in the following slides. Give them a look and let us know how you’re working on your food plots in the comments.

View the slideshow and get your food plots in shape.

Evolved Harvest® pH Meter

Before you do any planting, you’ll want to know the pH levels of the soil you’re working with (but you already knew that, didn’t you?).

Use a device like the Evolved Harvest® pH Meter to find out what’s best for your particular situation.

Gamemaster Electric Hand Spreader and Seeder

Make your seed spreading easier with the Gamemaster Electric Hand Spreader and Seeder, a unique tool that saves you some time and effort.

Focus on four main areas of a hunting plot at first, and decide with quadrants will receive what. Cycling out different crops in the quadrants can help add variety adn pinpoint the needed plants for each time of year.

BioLogic® Perfect Plot™ Plot Seed, 9-lb. Bag

Lots of hunters think food plot planting takes a ton of work. They aren’t entirely wrong, but the seeds and equipment available to use these days makes it easier than it used to be.

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For example, one bag of BioLogic® Perfect Plot™ Plot Seed can be planted in the spring or the fall, and with little maintenance turn into the kind of spot deer frequent. It focuses on nutrition in the summer, and attraction in the fall.

Evolved Harvest® Throw & Grow (No – till)

You don’t even necessarily have to till a food plot area, at least not when you use something likeEvolved Harvest® Throw & Grow. It is easily spread to hard-to-reach areas, and pretty much takes care of itself.

Tecomate Hunting Plot Pounder, Alfalfa

Adding some alfalfa, perhaps in the form of a Tecomate Hunting Plot Pounder, can bring some needed needed effectiveness with quick growing and attracting capabilities.

Tecomate Hunting Plot Pounder, Chicory

Another sideline alternative, the chicory version of a Tecomate Hunting Plot Pounder can survive tough soil conditions and serve as a great hunting season attractant.

Seed Stik™, Red Clover

Try a Seed Stik™, Red Clover for another easy application process. Pop the top and spread away, and count on whitetails galore.

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They come in White Clover as well.

G2® Fall Finisher Plot

A blend of walken winter oats, annual ryegrass, dwarf essex rape and crimson clover make up the G2® Fall Finisher Plot, perfect for pre-hunting season planting.

Tecomate® Perennial Frozen Zone Mix, Plants 1/2 acre

For those of you in the northern portion of the country, ensuring that your plots will last through a winter freeze is pretty important. You don’t want to waste time and money replanting seeds because your plots didn’t make it.

Get something like the Tecomate® Perennial Frozen Zone Mix to add a dependable, winter-ready plot.

Vita Rack® 25-lb. Protein Booster Block

You don’t have to go it alone with strictly food plot crops. Consider a Vita Rack® 25-lb. Protein Booster Block as a diet supplement, and use it as yet another attractant for deer during the season.

1.33-gal. Buck Juice Sprayer

Attractants come in other forms too, like a Buck Juice Sprayer. Even after the rut, this can still be effective in attracting bucks.

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You could potentially lead bucks down their traveling trails with Buck Juice, or let it serve as a trail cam attractant too.

Hunter’s Specialties® Vita – Rack® 26 Liquid Gorge™ Acorn Attractant

Hunter’s Specialties® Vita – Rack® 26 Liquid Gorge™ Acorn Attractant can also get the reaction you want out of deer, and get them within range for an easy shot.

Attractants and supplements like these promote antler growth and health, two important things to just about any deer herd or deer hunter.

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Food Plot Tips and Gear for the Ultimate Deer Buffet