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FN Awarded $84 Million Contract For M240 Machine Guns

FN Awarded $84 Contract For M240 Machine Guns

FN has announced that it just received an $84 million contract from the US Government for more M240 Machine guns along with the necessary spare parts.

FN America, a subsidiary of FN Herstal in Belgium, just announced that they agreed to a four year, $84 million contract with the United States Government to continue building M240 machine guns and spare parts.

Since 1989, FN has produced more than two million firearms, including both the 5.56x45mm M249 and 7.62x51mm M240 machine guns, for the U.S. military at their production facility in South Carolina.

The updated contract is specifically to build more model B, C, D, and H M240 medium machine guns.

Also known as the FN MAG, the M240 is currently used by dozens of other countries, including the United Kingdom.

In my humble opinion, this is great news: the M240 series of machine guns is one of the best weapon systems currently in use by the Army. The M240 is reliable, easy to use, durable, and absolutely deadly in the right hands.

The only problem I ever encountered or witnessed with the M240 was when dealing with ones that were extremely old and worn out.

It’s good to know that the Army plans on keeping the M240 machine gun around for a while longer and plans on purchasing some new machine guns to (hopefully) replace some of the older machine guns in the inventory.

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FN Awarded $84 Million Contract For M240 Machine Guns