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Who Wants to Go Flying With a Herd of Elk? [VIDEO]

Flying with a herd of elk looks like one of the most awesome experiences ever.

Seeing a giant herd of elk on the run is something that not many people even get to see in a lifetime, much less fly with.

But in this video posted to YouTube by JukinSports that is exactly what happens.

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What amazing footage of flying with a herd of elk. It looked like the trike that he was flying in was only a few feet above the herd of elk at a few points.

While this makes the video even better, it could be aruged that is is very disruptive to the wildlife.

What do you think? Does flying a small powered glider this low bother wildlife in any significant way? Is it worth it to get footage like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Who Wants to Go Flying With a Herd of Elk? [VIDEO]