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Tim Wells Decapitates a Flying Pigeon with Pinpoint Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this flying pigeon takes a well-placed arrow to the head.

Tim Wells is showing off his archery wingshooting skills again in this video.

Watch to see him make a tough shot on this flying pigeon.

Wow! Not only did he decapitate a flying pigeon with an arrow, he did it from 60 yards.

I've seen people decapitate turkeys with a bow, but they were standing still and close.

If you're looking for a little summertime fun, get together with some buddies and go pigeon hunting. In most areas there is no closed season on the birds. You can kill a few just by posting shooters and beating on barns and silos, but to make the most of your time set up some decoys near a feedlot.

Farmers hate pigeons and permission is easy to come by.

Whether you try your hand at shooting flying pigeons with a bow or take a more traditional shotgun approach, get out and try some pigeon hunting this summer.

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Tim Wells Decapitates a Flying Pigeon with Pinpoint Shot [VIDEO]