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Flying Fish Evade Predators from Above and Below

BBC’s “The Hunt” promo shows epic slow-motion footage of flying fish evading sea birds from above and dorado from below.

British Broadcasting Corporation’s television series “The Hunt” highlights scenes in nature of predators tracking down their prey, narrated by the legendary Richard Attenborough. Executive producer Alastair Fothergill explains on BBC what his intentions are for the program:

“…the kill itself isn’t interesting, because once animals have killed, the story’s over. What is interesting is the build up, the strategies adopted by both the predators and prey. This has never been looked at in detail, and that is the aim of ‘The Hunt.'”

In this video clip, schools of dorado chase flying fish to the surface, where they evade the predators below by getting airborne and gliding just out of their reach, while flying into the grasp of predatory birds.

A symbiotic relationship between the hunters below and birds above create a gauntlet of almost certain doom for these flying fish. While gliding just above the water’s surface, birds swooping down to get a meal force the flying fish to dive back underwater where, for a moment, their re-entry leaves them stunned, and easy prey for the dorado that have chased them towards the surface.

This display of teamwork between multiple species can be found as a common theme in nature, but this particular clip will leave you breathless.


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Flying Fish Evade Predators from Above and Below