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Flying Barracuda Leaps Higher Than Casting Platform [VIDEO]

You’ll be blown away when you see how high this barracuda leaps during a flats fishing trip.

The video is short, but the impact of this one will stay with you.

Check out this crazy footage of a barracuda jumping clear over the casting platform and into this boat in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic.

There are plenty of instances of Asian carp doing this, since they’ve saturated our waterways and scare easily. But a barracuda? That’s one we haven’t seen too often.

When the game species you’re fishing for just happens to hop into your boat, there’s not much complaining you can do, right? Unless of course you’re there for the experience, in which case it’s not exactly “fishing” when they give themselves up.

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Flying Barracuda Leaps Higher Than Casting Platform [VIDEO]