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Epic Permit Fishing on the Fly in Tropical Waters [VIDEO]

Fishing for Permit is a lot of fun.

Permit are notoriously difficult to catch, but for seasoned anglers there is nothing more challenging or addicting than fishing for permit.

Fishing on the saltwater flats requires nerves of steel no matter what species you are targeting. Fishing for permit takes things to a whole new level as they are probably one of the most challenging saltwater species to catch. These fish are found in some of the most pristine tropical fishing locations in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico.

For anglers who have targeted them, very few things even comes close after you have stalked a permit. They feed on shallow flats, often in ankle deep water, their trademark dorsal fin sticking straight up out of the water, alerting nearby anglers to their presence.

Fishing for permit is like nothing else and should be on any fisherman's bucket list.


Whether you are an experienced fisherman or not, this video encourages you to go fishing for permit. The greatest challenge is stalking them on the flats with spin, bait, or fly tackle in shallow water.

Once hooked, as you can see in this video, permit run very hard and will usually take a lot of line. You have to be on top of your game to hook and land a permit.

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Epic Permit Fishing on the Fly in Tropical Waters [VIDEO]