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The Cold Is Worth It: Fly Fishing for Winter Steelhead [VIDEO]

Winter steelhead caught on the fly

Need some footage of big winter steelhead to motivate you to get out in the cold months?

This fantastic video is just what you are looking for. Large Pacific northwest winter steelhead caught on the fly will warm up even the coldest day. The incredible scenery and videography adds something beyond the usual, quick, big fish video.

While many fly fishermen are sitting at home tying flies for early spring fishing and trying to stay warm in front of the fire, the hardcore anglers are out there enjoying what the season has to offer.

Find out why some people consider winter the best time of year to get out on the water. Sit back and enjoy this short film about fly fishing for winter steelhead.


Winter fishing does not have to be about cold fishless days. The very nature of fly fishing in winter means that you may not catch as many fish, but those you do catch will probably be quite memorable.

I am about ready to book a ticket to the Pacific northwest after watching this video. Large winter steelhead sound like a lot of fun to fish, if you ask me.

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The Cold Is Worth It: Fly Fishing for Winter Steelhead [VIDEO]