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You Should Be Fly Fishing the Lower Colorado River in Texas

The Lower Colorado River in Texas is one of the most quiet rivers in Texas. Watch this video to see why this river is a fly fishers paradise!

Alvin Dedeaux is one of central Texas’ premier fly fish guides. He owns and operates All Water Guides and focuses on central Texas rivers and lakes. Most people don’t think of fly fishing when they think of Texas, but there are world class fly fishing all over our state!

Most of our rivers require a jet-sled to navigate long stretches. This is due to an extensive amount of really skinny water. Having this type of engine on a boat, allows the boat to move without a propeller. Alvin and his team of guides rarely run out of water they can go through. The Colorado River makes this an ideal place for using a boat like Alvin’s.

One of the main reason people visit the Colorado River with a fly rod, is to catch a monster largemouth bass. Alvin is definitely the guy you want talk to if you want to make this a reality. Due to very little fishing pressure, this fishery has grown into a bucketmouth haven. Week after week, this river continues to produce quality fish. Did I mention our state fish the Guadalupe bass? These fish are twice the fighter of the largemouth and are very similar to a smallmouth bass. These fish love to hold up in fast water and can be caught on all sorts of flies.

The fly selection for the Colorado River consists of big poppers and big streamers. Everything is bigger here in Texas, so the fly selection might as well be to! Yellow poppers and white with chartreuse streamers helped assist Alvin and his friend with hour after hour of consistent fishing. The violent strikes of these fish add to the excitement!



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You Should Be Fly Fishing the Lower Colorado River in Texas