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Fly Fishing for Shad is a Real Thin, and It Looks Awesome

So who has fly fishing for shad at the top of their 2016 bucket list? 

There's little denying that fly fishing has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Known only the preferred method to catch trout for years, fly fishing has expanded to almost all freshwater and saltwater fish with loyal followings. Now it seems, fly fishing for shad is the next big thing. Wait..what?

Yeah, fly fishing for shad is a real thing and if it is anything in real life like Capt. Jesse Males of Blackwater Fly Fishing experienced in this video, sign me up.

The St. Johns river in Florida is home to one of the largest shad spawns in the nation. These acrobatic fish leave the ocean to spawn, travel hundreds of miles upstream, and offer unlimited angling opportunities along the way.

Picking apart a vast school of these fish in skinny river is a dream trip that any fly fisherman would love to be a part of, that is considering they could get over the fact they are fishing for shad, first.


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Fly Fishing for Shad is a Real Thin, and It Looks Awesome