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Fly Fishing Retention Ponds is Better Than You Think

When it comes to targeting largemouth bass, most people never think of fly fishing retention ponds.

After the recent hurricane hit Florida we decided to take a break from chasing saltwater fins, and turned our focus to fly fishing retention ponds instead.

We had observed bass working on a school of minnows on the outflow of one of the culvert pipes and new we could get some of them to bite. Attaching a small craft fur minnow on the Walton Rod's 4/5 made the perfect combo for targeting these schooling bass.

Check out a video featuring some short clips from the day. You won't be disappointed.

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Water levels in the pond were higher than normal due to the rain that the area received from the recent hurricane. All the standing water from he surrounding community had most of the culvert pipes flowing quite nicely. That gave us the perfect ambush spot to focus on these otherwise spooky fish.

If you have not fished the retention ponds in your neighborhood, then be sure to check em out. I have found myself very surprised by the great fly fishing action that is often found in some of these areas.

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As always...Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!


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Fly Fishing Retention Ponds is Better Than You Think