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Fly Fishing the Renowned Bitterroot River in Montana

The Bitterroot River in Montana is one of the more famous trout streams in the state, and this video will show you why.

Jump on-board a drift boat as Double Up Outfitters will show you why the Bitterroot river is a premier fly fishing destination for visitors to Montana in this Epic Montana video.

That is the iconic western fly fishing experience, putting a drift boat in and going after big browns and rainbows on a renowned Montana river.

You can also pick up some pretty good tips from this outfitterm as even though there was no apparent hatch, the guide vigorously shook out a riverside bush to get a good look of what insects fell out onto the river. It is these types of tactics that will allow you to match the hatch and get on some nice trout.


Why You Want to Catch an Insect Hatch for Montana Fly Fishing


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Fly Fishing the Renowned Bitterroot River in Montana