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Fly Fishing How To: The Ready Position [VIDEO]

Whether you are just getting into fly fishing or have been fishing for years, you need to know the ready position.

The ready position is something you need to be familiar with in order to catch more fish. The guys at Orvis have been kind enough to put together a video demonstrating just what the ready position is and when and how to use it.

In this context, the ready position refers to having everything ready while on the bow of a boat so you can cast as soon as you spot a fish. The ready position incorporates line positioning, hand positioning and knowing what to do to follow through after the cast is made.

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While this technique is a little more advanced for an absolute beginner, it can be very helpful to know and work on from the very beginning. If you start from the ready position when you first learn to fly fish, you will continue to use the ready position every time you fish, which will likely make your fishing excursions more successful.

So, if you have not used it before, now is as good a time as any to grab your rod and practice the ready position so that next time you spot a fish, you are ready to make the perfect cast.

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Fly Fishing How To: The Ready Position [VIDEO]