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Great Fly Fishing Pocket Water Tactics for Those Small Streams

Get some great tips on fly fishing pocket water from a pro to take advantage of those more remote streams.

Fly fishing pocket water puts you on those smaller streams and wadable rivers and can be some of the most satisfying type of angling available.

Take a look at some quick pointers from Jonathan Barnes that will bring results on those more intimate waters.

Fly fishing pocket water is a great way to avoid angler pressure. While a lot of fly anglers will be shoulder to shoulder on the big, well-known rivers, getting into those smaller tributaries and little streams can get you on some great fishing.

It's true that in many cases the fish may be smaller, but it doesn't really matter when you are playing trout after trout in your own fishing nirvana. There are quite a few guys I know that actively seek out the little waters and put some good miles between themselves and vehicle access points to reach more secluded fishing gems.

Get out this season and take a chance on those smaller waters, chances are you will gain a few secret spots of your own to enjoy the greatest sport fishing available.


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Great Fly Fishing Pocket Water Tactics for Those Small Streams