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Fly Fishing: Perfect Fall Day on the River [VIDEO]

For many anglers, there is not a more perfect fall day than one spent on the river fly fishing.

Filmed and uploaded to Vimeo by White glas production, this video shows just how relaxing and calming a quiet day spent fly fishing a favorite river can be. The angler in the video doesn’t catch any huge fish, but on a day as perfect as the one in this video, it wasn’t even necessary.

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The river shown in this video is certainly very beautiful and looks like a great place to wet a line and hook some trout. This angler catches several trout while enjoying the great outdoors.

Despite its beauty, the day was actually a little bittersweet for the angler. It marked the beginning of the end of the dry fly fishing season. It is always a bummer when your favorite season ends, but they always seem to roll back around before you know it.

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Fly Fishing: Perfect Fall Day on the River [VIDEO]