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Fly Fishing Pennsylvania with GoPro Hero4 [VIDEO]

Shot with a GoPro Hero4, this fly fishing footage illustrates the subtle beauty and fertile nature of central Pennsylvanian waters. 

Using a GoPro Hero4, the producers of this video provide a firsthand look at a fly fishing adventure in central Pennsylvania.

Watch the fly tying process up close, hop into the car bound for the river and then bask in the beauty of the Keystone State that only the GoPro Hero4 can capture.

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Using the GoPro Hero4, the fishermen in this video bring us down the country roads and really take us home. The catch certainly was entertaining, and the release, humbling.

Country road, take me home, and don't let me forget to bring the GoPro Hero4.

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Fly Fishing Pennsylvania with GoPro Hero4 [VIDEO]