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Fly Fishing in Montana Looks Like a Dream Come True [VIDEO]

This sums up everything we love about the sport of fly fishing.

The crystal clear, chilly waters of the fish-filled Bitterroot River; The stillness of a trout beneath the surface of the water, just before lunging at its prey; The feeling you get when you land that trout in your net, and release it back in to the water moments later; These are the reasons we can’t get enough of fishing.

Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the slow-motion capture of the entire event… Whatever it is, fly fishing in Montana is now on my top 10 list of outdoor adventures.

Joe Cummings, of NFL fame, owns the Missoula River Lodge in his home state, and loves to get anglers into the waters he grew up learning on. With five rivers in close proximity to the lodge, the opportunities are boundless for novice and experienced fly fishers alike.

Now, when can I book my trip?

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Fly Fishing in Montana Looks Like a Dream Come True [VIDEO]