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Fly Fishing for Marlin on the Flats?! [VIDEO]

Stripstrike Productions

Did you know you can actually go fly fishing for marlin?

You read that correctly! Apparently the pipe dream of sight-casting Marlin in shallow, gin clear water does in fact exist. You just have to have the budget to head to Fraser Island in Australia.

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Fraser Bay is hallowed shark fishing grounds within the shark angling community, but who would have guessed this is where juvenile black marlin stage up when they are just mini versions of their monster, grander parents?

To make this even crazier, the guys from StripStrike Productions are sight fishing these fish with fly gear.

The amount of angling potential that resides in Australia has to be among the tops in the world. From fly fishing for marlin on the flats, live baiting off cliffs (yes, cliffs), tuna off jetties, or giant tiger sharks on the beach, Australia has something for every breed of angler.

This is definitely another item on our bucket list.

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Fly Fishing for Marlin on the Flats?! [VIDEO]